WebVista Process

A site serves no purpose if it cannot be found!

So you have a great website. Let's begin to drive traffic to it and generate some sales.

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Our process is simple. These are our four steps to online success:

Numbers 1 Red icon 30x Web Site Analysis - WebVista's analysis (including keyword usage, spiderability, and Robots.txt files and Robots Meta tags) of your site's strengths and potential weaknesses helps you secure crucial search engine success.
Numbers 2 Red icon 30x Keyword Optimization - Or, SEO, as is commonly known. We select the right keywords and optimize your site using the words and phrases people search for.  Positioning your website for the best possible ranking with leading search engines.
Numbers 3 Red icon 30x Submission - Submit your website to popular search engines such as: Google®, Yahoo!® or Bing® among others.  This sets the stage for generating organic traffic and opens the door for effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.
Numbers 4 Red icon 30x Reporting - Get real time analytics directly from your website and other external sources such as: Alexa® and Google® Analytics. This helps you adjust your strategies and keywords to the way your visitors are engaging your site.  No more wondering what is happening with your website.

Additionally, you may want to inquire about Web360.  A hands free way of analyzing and optimizing your site speed to enable the best possible experience for your visitors.